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Sprog & Kommunikation provides quality translations of every kind in many different fields. We can handle large volumes of text for industry or business as well as smaller assignments for private individuals: no task is too large or too insignificant.

With modern word-processing software, electronic translation memories and customer-specific terminology databases we ensure that the translation is always delivered in the desired format, while the client’s individually adapted terminology will be used consistently. This is your guarantee for quality translations that always match one hundred per cent with what you want to communicate. Delivered on time, naturally.

Certified translations can be delivered if required, i.e. stamped and endorsed with a State-Authorized Translator’s signature and endorsement that the translation is a complete and accurate rendering of the original text. The translation is then valid in law. Sprog & Kommunikation can also arrange for the translation to be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency and the embassy of the relevant country if necessary.

Please contact me to discuss the details of your translation requirements.


Sprog & Kommunikation provides interpreting services and efficient verbal communications in many situations in a wide range of languages, for instance in connection with business meetings or at taking part in exhibitions, where reliable communications are necessary and there must be no risk of misunderstandings.

Please contact me to discuss the details of your requirements.

Language Courses

On the basis of many years’ teaching experience at different levels, I can offer intensive, flexible language training or tailored brush-up courses in Danish and in French for employees in your company, either individually or in small groups. Courses can be arranged at your address, at times which fit in with company planning, to cover precisely the areas you need.

I can also provide intensive training for private individuals to suit their needs.

Please contact me to discuss the details of the courses you require.